Alex Neufeld

Alexander Neufeld

  • married to Katharina
  • four adult children
  • one grandchild

Alexander was born in 1955 in Russia at the Urals. He grew up in Uzbekistan, Central Asia and was baptised upon his faith in 1972 in Estonia. In 1977 he and his family emigrated to Germany. After his studies of computer science he worked in this industry before being appointed as youth pastor in the MB church in Lage; Germany. In 1987 he completed his studies of theology at the Seminary in Fresno, USA.

Following he has been pastor for many years of the MB-Church IMMANUEL in Bielefeld, Germany. At the moment he is pastoring the MB-church in Dresden, Germany. On a voluntary basis at various times: AMBD-chairman, ICOMB-chairman, chair of the Ev. Allianz in Dresden, executiv eboard of various (Mission)Organisations, guest lecturer at the BSB, etc.