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Historical Places

Gedenkstein in Eichenfeld
Memorial monument in Eichenfeld. In sorrowful remembrance of Mennonite victims of massacres in the Nikolaipole Volost during the Civil War of 1918 to 1920.
menn. Haus
Mennonite building
Mennonitenkirche in Nikolaifeld
Mennonite Church building in Nikolaifeld. Established in 1887. During the Soviet period the building was converted to a granary. Today it is used as a gymnasium for the adjacent school.
menn Gebäude
Mennonite house
Kirche in Petershagen
Renovated church in Petershagen. Built in neo-Gothic style in 1831 and closed in the 1920s. I was used as a granary for many years. With the financial support of several Canadian families, the building was renovated. The official opening was in Oct,99.
Kirche in Petershagen
A plaque at the church in Petershagen
Kirche in Petershagen
Church in Petershagen
Kirche in Rückenau
In front of the former MB-Church in Rückenau. Established in 1883, in 1908 rebuilt and renovated, in1926 it was closed. At about 1929 it was converted to a middle school serving Rueckenau and the neighboring villages and later converted into a flour mill.
Gedenktafel Rückenau
Unveiling of the memorial plaque during the 150th anniversary on the former MB-Chruch in Rückenau.
MBG Rückenau
Memorial plaque on the former MB-Church in Rückenau.
Memorial plaque 150 years of God's faithfulness on the former MB-Church in Rückenau.
altes Haus
Building from the time when this region was inhabited by Germans.
Group photo at the river.
Mühlwerk Willms
Flourmill, owned by the firm of "H.H. Willms&Co." in Halbstadt. Now it is used to produce condensed and powdered milk.
In 1909 the Morija nurses training school was established as a private charitable institution for training nurses. Soon this building was too small and it was decided to build a new facility. Till 1922 Johann Schröder used it as a residence.
Girls' School Building in Halbstadt. Constructed in 1905. It included four classrooms, a library and a teachers' room. The school was closed after 1921. Damaged in 1943. In 2001 it was totally renovated. The facility is now known as a Mennonite Centre.
Mädchenschule Halbstadt
Entrance of the former girls school in Halbstadt.
Memorial in the shape of a farmer's tool in remembrance of the first settlers who settled in the Molotschna region 200 years ago. Established by the former central school in Halbstadt.
Residenz Willms
Side view of Heinrich Willms' residence. Today it is decaying noticeably.
Residenz Willms
Heinrich Willms' residence in Halbstadt, owner of the mills H.H. Willm&Co. Constructed in 1908 in the neo-renaissance style. The construction must have cost a fortune and looked like a palace.
Bahnhof in Lichtenau
Lichtenau Train Station. Many Mennonites from this region daparted from this station when they emigrated in the 1920s or later when they were exiled. In 1943 the station was destroyed and was build after the War.
Bank am Bahnhof
Two granite benches commemorate the many Mennonites who voluntarily and involuntarily departed from this place.
Mennonitenkirche in Alexanderkrone
Former Mennonite church in Alexanderkrone. Built in 1890. Today this building is again being used as a church. It is now a Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
Gedenktafel in Chortitza
Memoraial plate in remembrance of the first church in Chortitza.1835 constructed in the style of a farmhouse.In 1935 the church was closed. After the demolition a concert hall was built in this place. In 1999 the memorial plate was unveiled.
Today is at the site of the fist Mennonite church a concert hall.
Zentralschule Chortitza
Secondary School Building in Chortitza. Established in 1842, it was built in the typical style of the Chortitza Clolony . In 1906 the school had a capacity of 180 students.
mennonitisches Gebäude
Mennonite building
Eiche in Chortitza
Old oak tree in Chortitza.
Eiche in Chortitza
This oak tree is also a very important for the Cossacks.
Monument in Saporoschje
Eiche in Chortitza
It is prohibited to climb on this tree.
Gravestone: Jakob & Katharina Hildebrand, cemetery in Chortitza Colony.
Schild Waldbepflanzung
Sign about the forest-planting by Germans.


Church in Petershagen
Sänger Petershagen
Gottesdienst in Petershagen
Service in Petershagen, Pastor Jakob Thissen and tour-guide Johann Matthies
Plaque on a church building
Gemeindehaus Fürstenwerder
New church building in Fürstenwerder
Celebration of the 150th anniversary in the Ukraine
Banner in many languages.
Dinner for everyone.
weitere Gemeinde
In an other church in the region.
The tour group celebrates a short service.

The country and its people

View on the city Saparoschje.
Jugend Petershagen
Youth group of the church in Petershagen
Singers in the Ukranian dress.
die Weiten der Ukraine
The beautiful landscape of the Ukraine.
At the train station.
Railroad crossing.
An old mill from the time of the Germans.
am Fluss
At the river.
orthodoxe Kirche
Orthodox church
Show by Cossacks.
Show by Cossacks.
Burg am Fluss
Castle at the river.
Gala-dinner with live folklore music.